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      Our Advantage
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      Why choose Unipower
      As a leading manufacturer and exporter of UPS, Inverter,battery and AVR, Unipower has covers a working area of nearly 16,000 square meters, has more than 400 professional staff (including 30 R&D personnel) and 33 sets of fully automatic SMT lines, more than 10 sets of automatic insertion equipment, ICT PCB testing equipment, ATE automatic testing center and aging workshop for all products. Our monthly production ability can reach 150K with the help of these facilities and under the precise  supervision of our team & management.

      Our Advantages:
      • 16 years UPS and Power Inverter manufacturer experiences
      • 16 years of high-level OEM、ODM Experience
      • Hi-tech advanced R&D Team, including 30 R&D personnel.
      • An excellent team which is experienced with market 
      • Complete production lines, included 11 sets Automatic insertion machines, 2 sets SMD machines,5 assembling lines,3 packing lines.
      • Certifications--applied with CE, ISO 9001, ISO14001 etc