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      Foshan Unipower sincerely invites you to attend the 2019 Global Sources Consumer Electronics trade fair
      Unipower will attend this trade show, we will provide a lot of new technologies UPS products to global buyers, we will support every one to create new business. Unipower creates efficient productions of high quality power supplies for over 17 years, we have our own brand SVC product, including a wide range of different and attractive uninterruptible power supply products, related UPS parts, power inverter, mini DC UPS series, Solar integrated machines, AVR products, accessories, etc......
      Customers from All Over The World Visit Unipower
      In April 2019, it coincides with the launching of the Spring Canton Fair. There are more and more domestic and foreign customers coming. Unipower also attracts customers from all over the world coo
      Unipower employees attended 50km hiking activity
      On Mar. 30,Foshan Unipower Electronic Co., LTD. organized its employees to take part in 50km hiking activity along Foshan line with the slogan “Hearts together, Dreams come true.”
      Unipower Female Workers Participate in Zhangcha Labor Union “March 8” Women’s Day Sports Meeting
      March 7th , Unipower organized female staffs and workers to participate in the sport meeting which was organized by Zhangcha Labor Union at RockPark ,Foshan.  There were three competition items includ
      Unipower in the 2018 Global Sources Electronics Trade Show
      Asia's largest electronics exhibition-Global Sources Electronics Trade Show was grandly opened at the AsiaWorld- Expo in HongKong from October 11th to 14th, as one of the world's largest and mostinflu
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