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      SVC Microdata Center Integrated Cabinet is coming

      SVC Microdata Center Integrated Cabinet is coming


      SVC Microdata Center Integrated Cabinet is coming






        With cloud computing, mobile Internet, Internet of things, block chain industry booming,the data center is increasing and showing the trend of polarization,there are more and more terminal mini data center, however, the scattered mini data centers have been facing difficulties in planning construction and operation management due to differences in geography, environment and architecture, it challenges the rapid development of the business.


        Based on rich experience and technology in the data center industry, UNIPOWER introduced the cabinet type mini data center solution timely, and made a deep integration of UPS power supply, distribution, refrigeration, access control, lighting, lightning protection, monitoring, cabinets, wiring, fire fighting, emergency ventilation and other systems to provide safe and reliable operational support for IT equipment. To achieve integrated data center deployment and operation management, to create a cabinet-type integrated micro data center.


      The advantages:


      1.More Simple

      The integration of the infrastructure through the product and the modular thinking only needs to select the appropriate product specification which according to the requirements of the space capacity of the IT equipment , so that the subsystem is not needed to be calculated and designed , and the design process is greatly simplified.


      2.More Time saving

      The product design enables the IC series cabinet intelligent data center to complete the installation and delivery in one day, which is more

      than twice as fast as the traditional construction mode.


      3.More Safety

      Integrated product depth integration and factory pre-verification test are more standardized and safe than on-site construction. Complete sealing design to eliminate the harmful effects of external air dust and corrosive gases on IT equipment, dynamic environment monitoring system monitors the infrastructure, and timely warning of abnormal conditions.

      4.Lower cost
      Minimum covers an area of only 0.7㎡, the enclosed design, strong environmental adaptability, no need to decorate, and pave the floor etc. auxiliary projects, effectively reduce the CAPEX, fully enclosed cooling and improve the machine efficiency, reduce the OPEX, make the total cost of ownership (TCO) dropped significantly.


      5.Better management

      One-stop after-sales service can deal with all kinds of equipment failure timely, save time and convenient. It can be controlled by local and remote monitoring system, and it can be connected to the upper management platform for unified monitoring and diversified selection support.


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