Solar Power Inverter Buying Guide

2023-03-06 10:00

What does a solar power inverter do?

In general, normal power inverters convert direct current (DC) to alternative current(AC) with switching, transformers and sine-wave corrections.

Solar power inverter is a device that change renewable solar-generated DC power to conventional AC power that can fed into the mains or used by most home electronics, electric lights, television, TVs, laptop, etc.

When discussing solar power inverters vs. Normal power inverters specifically, the differences occur in how energy is converted and where it is sourced from in the first place.

Solar power inverters convert DC power generated by solar panels, while normal inverters utilize other forms of cultivated DC power, most commonly, energy supplied from the local power grid or battery.


Types of solar power inverters

Solar power inverters come in various forms, here are the three most popular ones for residential and commercial usage:

On-grid solar inverters, or grid-tied inverters, are connected to the utility grid directly. The excess solar-generated power is fed into the mains. However, if the utility power is cut off, the power is lost too.

Off-grid solar inverters, as namely implies, is the inverter not supported to the grid. Off-grid solar system usually contains 3 critical components: solar panels, inverters, storage batteries.

Hybrid inverters are able to be connected to the power grid and work dependently. If there is a sudden power outage, the hybrid inverter can supply power to your home through battery.

Best solar power inverter manufacturers

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