SVC Release Lithium Battery Inverter for Residential PV

2024-05-27 00:00

SVCPower’s new hybrid inverters feature LiFePO4 batteries. They are available in four variants, with power ratings ranging from 3 kVA to 5 kVA.


SVC Power has developed new lithium battery inverters for solar projects - Stacked RPS. The hybrid inverters are available in rated power outputs ranging from 0.5 kVA to 10 kVA. The built-in LiFePO4 lithium batteries eliminate the risk of acid leakage.


Stacked RPS lithium battery inverter come in a compact design with stack-able battery module, which is easy to install and operate.


The battery inverters for solar can handle maximum DC input voltages of 120 V  to 430 V from solar panels.


With its solar charging compatibility and inbuilt charge controller, the SVC Power lithium inverter empowers customers to use the power of renewable energy, reducing dependency on conventional power sources,” said the company. “Besides, with features like pure sine wave output, auto restart upon AC recovery, and advanced protection against overload, over-temperature, and short circuits, it ensures a safe and reliable power backup experience.

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