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  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter For Home

    Pure Sine Wave Inverter For Home

    Pure Sine Wave Inverter For Home -XL series Inverter. A device for converting a direct current into an alternating current with a sinusoidal shape. It is most often used for the operation of household devices (220 VAC) from a car battery (12V). Inverters of this series have a built-in charging function for car batteries from the city network. Also widely used instead of UPS, with plug-in external batteries. The maximum total capacity of the connected batteries is not limited. Feature: *Pure sine wave inverter *4-step AVR *Selectable input voltage range(100V-290V or 145-290V)for home appliances and personal computers *Selectable high power charging current of 10A/20A Max(Optional) *Selectable battery types of gel, lead-acid and open lead-acid battery *Compatible to mains voltage or generator output *Auto restart while AC is recovering *Overload and short circuit protections *Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance *Cold start *XLS series also have built-in PWM controller inside.

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