ECO 32700 Mini UPS Battery Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

DC UPS in ECO 32700 Series supports to continuously supply your applications during power outrage. This DC UPS power supply is built-in 12000mah LiFePO4 battery, multiple interfaces of USB/DC/POE with wide range of output voltages, which is suitable for all kinds of home appliances and devices. ECO DC UPS battery backup is equipped with adapter.
Application: router, modem, security camera, smartphone, fax machine, fingerprint recorder, DSL, and can still use the network in case of power outage, etc

  • 18W
  • 12000mAh
  • 100-240Vac
  • DC5V/9V/12V/ USB-A/ POE
  • ECO 32700


Mini UPS Battery Backup 12000mah

18W  Mini DC UPS with 12000mAh LiFePO4 Battery for Router, Modem, Security Camera 

Product Description 

This ECO 32700 mini DC UPS is simple to install and allows you to power various digital devices during a power outage. With multiple- voltage DC outputs, this ups can power both router and modem, so you can continue browsing the web, working online, or streaming. Security cameras and VoIP phones can also be connected and powered via Power Over Ethernet ( POE ) port. Charge mobile devices such as cell phones and tables via USB. featuring 2 high- capacity LiFePO4 ( 12000mAh ) batteries with safety protocols such as over- charge, over- discharge, and short circuit protection. 


!!! color black and white are available 

 Uninterruptible Power Supply

Fields of application

Mini UPS for Router

Suitable for the WIFI router, CCTV, MONITOR, Camera, POE VOIP, POS machine communication processor,industrial products which for the home, enterprises,government,scientific research,traffic,national defense,information and education industries.

Mini UPS Battery Backup 12000mah


Uninterruptible Power Supply

 DC ECO series 

Model #

ECO 32700




Input voltage range


Input frequency range

50Hz / 60Hz 



USB interfaceDC interface  POE interface
Output Voltage(selectable)





Output polarity


Mini UPS for Router

+4,5 pins-7,8 pins

Output power & current (in common)

2.0A /10W1.0A/ 9W
1.0A/ 12W(0.2A/24V) 12W 

QTY.&capacity of battery

6000mAH*2(12000mAh) LiFePO4


Charging period

Typical:2-3 Hours


Unit dimension(mm)


Net weight(Kg)



Environment of performance

Temperature 0℃~40℃, Humidity 20%~90%

Noise level

less than 40dB

Performance Characteristics

  • Built-in adapter suitable for wide range of voltage (85V~265V)

  • Multiple voltage DC outputs: 5V/9V/12V/24V

  • Multiple interfaces of USB, DC and POE

  • Optional High-capacity 12000mah LiFePO4 batteries, provides long backup to the loads 

  • Intelligent circuit design with over- charging, over-discharging and short circuit protections  

  •  Light, compact size and different colors are available.

Product Recommended

Mini UPS Battery Backup 12000mah


Uninterruptible Power Supply

Company Information

Mini UPS for Router

Production Processes

Mini UPS Battery Backup 12000mah

Packing & Shipping

Uninterruptible Power Supply


Mini UPS for Router

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