Energy Data Center All In One Module

With cloud computing, mobile Internet, Internet of things, block chain industry booming,the data center is increasing and showing the trend of polarization,there are more and more terminal mini data center, however, the scattered mini data centers have been facing difficulties in planning construction and operation management due to differences in geography, environment and architecture, it challenges the rapid development of the business.

Based on rich experience and technology in the data center industry,UNIPOWER introduced the cabinet type mini data center solution(SVC brand)timely, and made a deep integration of UPS power supply, distribution, refrigeration, access control, lighting, lightning protection, monitoring, cabinets, wiring, fire fighting, emergency ventilation and other systems to provide safe and reliable operational support for IT equipment. To achieve integrated data center deployment and operation management, to create a cabinet-type integrated micro data center.

  • SVC
  • Foshan
  • 35-40 days


Data Center

Energy Data Center All In One Module


*All-in-one cabinet

*High availability

*Efficient energy saving and environmental protection

*Save room area: All-in-one design, save more than 40% of the area of the traditional server room.

*Save construction time: High frequency type of  UPS power supply, machine efficiency meet 93%.

*Simplify operations

*Flexible capacity

Energy Modular Data center

Fields of application

Business outlets (telecom, finance, energy, broadcasting, retail...
small enterprise
Large corporations, government, education, medical branches
Cloud Computing Edge Data Center



VoltageIT capacity8000W8000W8000W16KW8000W8000W16KW16KW
Voltage10KVA: 220V Input & output; 20kVA: 380V or 220V Input (adjustable)/ 220V output
Lightning protection/distributionLightening protection at C level, overal control of mains input, UPS input, UPS output shunt, baypass maintanance, electricity meter indicator
CoolingAir conditioner Mode3KW Mode/pc (Outdoor not available)3KW Mode/ 2pcs (Outdoor not available)Mode/pc, outside availableMode/pc, outside available
Cooling capacity3KW6KW7.5KW12.5KW
Emergency VentilationYes
Cabinetrecommended cabinet QTY1+11+11+21+21+11+21+21+3
Usuable Space38U+42U34U+42U38U+42U+42U24U+42U+42U26U+42U26U+42U+42U14U+42U+42U



PDU QTY8 bit 16A/ 4pcs8 bit 16A/ 6pcs8 bit 16A/ 4pcs8 bit 16A/ 6pcs8 bit 16A/ 8pcs
Enclosed heating and cooling aisleFully enclosed, emergency ventilation system at the top, front and rear cabinet
LightingLED lighting at the top, front and rear cabinet (lights on when doors opened)
Cable columnOne cable column at the rear, left and right of the cabinet 
MonitoringItems under MonitoringUPS, air conditioner, temperature&humidity, smoke sensor, door magnetic, access control, water sensor, SMS alert
Display15 inches integrated unit with LCD & touch screen 
Firefightingfire extinguisher6/8/10 kg suspended heptafluoropropane automatic fire extinguisher  ( other models optional)
Battery10 mins Backup2U battery pack4U battery pack2U battery pack4U battery pack
30 mins Backup6U battery pack battery pack2U battery pack battery pack
Backup time extensionInstall battery pack with large capacity. It can be put inside or outside the cabinet.The specific height is calculated according to the actual configuration. 
HumidityRelative humidity 0-95%, no water condensation
Altitude<1000m,full power may not be reached if over 1000m
Customized service: According to customer needs to provide a wealth of options and customized services

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Energy Modular Data center

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Energy Modular Data center

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