3 Phase Industrial Low Frequency Online UPS 10-200KVA - GP33 Series

Its advanced battery charging system enables the UPS to supply a long backup time while the charging time is rather short, and its temperature compensation system can help to prolong the service life of the vattery. Also, its circuit is simple, which reduces the number of components and makes the machine more compact and more reliable.

Its ture double-cpnversion online technology provides pure and safe power supply to all appliances, communication equipment and important loads connected to the internet, and the DSP technology responds quickly to different power supply problems, making sure its load will work uninterruptedly.

It is compatible to all kinds of loads and widely used in the fields of energy sources, transportion, office, medical equipment, engine-room, data center, toll station and so on.

  • 10KVA-200KVA
  • 384Vdc
  • 380Vac / 220Vac
  • 380Vac / 220Vac
  • GP33


Online UPS

Online Low Frequency 3 phase ups GP33 series  40KVA 60KVA 80KVA

Uninterruptible online ups

Fields of application

3 phase online ups

Application to office, computer facilities and industrial environments

Input and output: 3 phase in 3 phase out.



1. High-efficient DSP chip

2. Outstanding electric property

3. Good looking and excellent hardware

4. N+X parallel redundancy (compatible to battery share in the parallel mode)

5. Frontal-board operation and maintenance

6. Twin-channel line input

7. Remote monitoring 

8. Intelligent management of battery charging and discharging

9. Flexible battery arrangement 

10. Flexible arrangement, change due to the need.

Model #                                          GP33 series
Capacity10KVA15KVA20KVA30KVA40 KVA60KVA80KVA100KVA120KVA160KVA200KVA
voltage(208/308/400/480Vac) ± 20% / 5 wires (3 lines + neutral + ground)
frequency50/60Hz ± 10% Auto sensing
power factor0.8
filterEMI, RFI
dual inputoptional
voltage (208/308/400/480Vac) ± 20% / 5 wires (3 lines + neutral + ground)
frequency50/60Hz ± 1% Auto sensing
transfer time0 ms
wave formsine wave
power factor0.8
voltage T.H.D.<2% with linear load
crest factor3:1
technologytrue on-line double conversion controlled by microcontroller
overload recoveryautomatically transfer to UPS mode
Isolation transformerinverter mode (bypass mode is optional)
parallel connectionparallel connection function is ready (extra PCB is not reuired)
battery typeVRLA (valve regulated lead acid), not included
DC voltage384 Vdc
charging time4 hours up to 90%
battery detectionself-detect, transfer to battery mode adjustable
lightning and transient protectionhot swappable lightning and transient surge suppressor (in:10Kamp, Up:1.5 Kv, I max: 20 Kamp.)
harware protectioninput breaker, output breaker, battery breaker, bypass breaker; DC fuse, fan, redundant power supply; temperature sensor, EPO (Emergency Power Off), audible alarms etc.
software protectiondischarging batteries, battery charger working mode, inverter working mode, emergency power off, manual shutdown, bypass SCR failure, bypass sequence failure, bypass over the limit, critical overload, batteries exhaustion, low or high output voltage, DC fuse open, 5V power supply failure, 13.5 power supply failure, inverter overvoltage, 200% overload on each line, transfer failure, inverter voltage out of range, over voltage betweenneutral and ground, UPS on bypass mode, bypass frequency out of range.
bypasssolid state
overload 125% for 10min, 150% for 30sec, 1000% for 16 millisecond
EPOEPO local and/or remote
DisplayLCD, touch screen
LED diagramincluded
communicationRS232 intelligent slot, modem, SNMP(RJ45) (SNMP adaptive software is supplied by the producer)
elevation1.700 m.o.s.l without derrating
temperature & noise0℃~40℃/<60dB @1.5m.
humidity0~95% non condensate
Unit dimension (mm)L830*W402*H1050L664*W865*H1548L966*W890*H1748L1160*W1043*H1900
Net weight (1pc, kg)152.5167.5193.5222.5362.55434.05534.05670.05746.0511201320

Performance Characteristics

Advanced communication function


 With the use of communication interface and monitoring software, you can monitor this UPS on your computer, which simplifies the management of power supply. You can also choose to buy a SNMP card, which is compatible to all kinds of operating system, and supports TCP/IP, SNMP,HTTP protocol, so as to monitor the UPS through internet. Moreover, it will be easier to achieve central maagement even users are scattered in different places and it can also diagnose network and maintain the system remotely, realizing global managemnent in a very real sense.

  1. Software monitoring through RS232.

  2. Monitoring through network adapter.

  3. Monitoring through GPRS

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3 phase online ups

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