PSS Series Solar Energy Storage System 3KW/5KW/10KW

PSS Series is new version of household ESS energy storage system built-in a 5KW off grid solar inverter and 5.12kWh lithium-ion battery modules into one unit. This solar energy system offers an economical and self-sufficiency solution to power home appliance by storing excess clean energy during the daytime.


ESS storage system

PSS Series ESS solar power energy solar storage system

PSS series ESS energy storage system is an all-in-one household energy solution, combining an 5KW solar inverter and a 5.12KWh lithium-ion battery into one unit. PSS solar power storage systems provides an economical and self-sufficiency solution to power home appliance or equipment by storing excess clean energy during the daytime. 

Fields of application

energy storage system

Suitable for the PC,router,POS machine communication processor,industrial products which for the enterprises,government,scientific research,traffic,national defense,information and education industries.


ESS system

AC Input
Rated Input Voltage208/220/230/240 VAC
Input Voltage Range170~280VAC(For PC);90~280VAC(For Home Appliances)
Frequency Rage50/60Hz(Auto Sensing)
AC Charging Current Range60A80A80A
Max. Input Current90A
PV Input
Solar Charging TypeMPPT
PV Max. Input Power4KW5.5KW5.5KW
MPPT Tracking Voltage Range120-430 VDC
Max. PV Input Voltage450 VDC
PV Charging Current Range0~80A
Max. Charging Current80A
Rated Output Power3KW5KW5KW
Rated Output Voltage(220V~240V)±5%
Output Frequency50/60Hz±0.1%
Max. Output Current22.7A
Peak Power6000W10000W10000W
Overload CapacityBattery Mode:
1min@102%~110% Load ; 10s@110%~130%Load; 3s@130%~150% Load ; 200ms@>150% Load
Peak Efficiency >94% battery mode  >99% line mode
Transfer Time10ms
Battery Energy2.56kWh5.12kWh10.24kWh
Cell technologyLiFePO4
Product General Data
Designed Life-span cycle6000
Communication InterfaceRS232, RS485, CAN
Parallel Interface RS485, CAN
Operation Environment Temperature0~40C
Storage Environment Temperature-15~60 C
Environment Humidity20%~95%
Operation Altitude<3000m
Cooling ModeActive Cooling
Noise Emission<50db

Performance Characteristics
  1. LEP battery with more than 6,000 cycles with 80% DOD

  2. Easy installation, floor mount or wall mount

  3. Built-in MPPT solar change controller

  4. Selectable input voltage range for PC and home appliance

  5. Support communication interface RS232, RS485, CAN

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ESS storage system


energy storage system

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ESS system

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ESS storage system

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energy storage system


ESS system

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