All-in-One Stackable ESS Energy Storage System STACKED RPS

STACKED RPS Energy storage system is an all-in-one ESS for home energy solution with flexible stackable ess design. Easy to install and operate. Optional 5kWh - 15kWh batteries according to your home electricity demands and budgets. Intelligent BMS battery system.


Product Overview

STACKED RPS series is an all-in-one stackable ESS for home energy storage solution, which uses flexible stackable design, easy to install and operate. This all-in-one energy storage system offer an economical and self-sufficiency solution to power home appliance or equipment by storing excess clean energy during the daytime. This All-in-one stackable ESS also comes with a built-in WIFI/Bluetooth function, users can monitor and operate system performance anytime and anywhere by mobile. Compact and floor installation offers the flexibility.

Main Features

  • Hybrid inverter with built-in batteries and MPPT solar controller

  • Stackable LiFePO4 battery modules and hybrid inverter module, easy capacity expansion

  • Selectable priority between solar batteries or mains to feed the output

  • Wide range of selectable mains input voltage

  • Protection for over-discharge, overload, over tempearture, short circuit protection, ets

  • Support communication interface RS232, RS485, CAN, Bluetooth


Model RPS 3+5RPS 5+5 RPS 5+10RPS 5+15
AC Input
Rated Input Voltage208/220/230/240 VAC
Input Voltage Range170~280VAC(For PC);90~280VAC(For Home Appliances)
Frequency Range50/60Hz(Auto Sensing)
AC Charging Current Range100A80A
Max. Input Current130A90A
PV Input
Solar Charging Type MPPT
PV Max. Input Power4KW 5.5KW
MPPT Tracking Voltage Range120-430 VDC
Max. PV Input Voltage450 VDC
PV Charging Current Range100A0~80A
Max. Charging Current100A80A
Rated Onput Voltage3kW5kW
Onput Voltage Range(220V~240V)±5%
Max. Onput Current22.7A
Peak Power6000W10000W
Overload Capacity
Product Description (Battery Mode)
 1min@102%~110% Load ; 10s@110%~130%Load; 3s@130%~150% Load ;200ms@>150% Load
Peak Efficiency>94% battery mode >99% line mode
Transfer Time10ms
Battery Voltage24VDC48VDC
Battery Energy5.12kWh10.24kWh15.36kWh
Cell technologyLiFePO4
Product General Data
Designed Life-span cycle6000
Communication Interface RS232, RS485, CAN(Standard),SNMP/Wifi/Bluetooth(Optional)
Display LCD&LED
Parallel InterfaceRS485&CAN
Operation Environment
Environment Humidity-15~60℃
Operation Altitude<3000m
Cooling ModeActive Cooling
Noise Emission<50db

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