ECO NET Mini DC UPS 12v 18w With POE And USB

1. High capacity 8800mah Lithium batteries with 18w can meet 6hours backup time for 5W router.
2. Multiple interfaces of USB, DC and POE, with different output voltages(5V/9V/12V/15V/24V) to all kinds of home digital devices.
3. Built-in adapter allows wide AC voltage(85-265Vac)
4. Light, compact size and different colors are available.
5. intelligent circuit design with over-charging, over-discharging and short circuit protections

  • 18W/ 30W
  • 7200mAh/ 8800mAh
  • 100-240Vac
  • 220-240Vac
  • ECO 418


dc ups

Uninterrupted Power Supply DC Ups 18W With 8800mah Battery

Product Description 

1. DC UPS are suitable for most digital products in the market, such as CCTV MONITOR POE CAM TIMERECODER WIFI MONITOR. 

2. Our dc power backup system have battery management system technology. Mini DC UPS has various protection mode, such as over-charging, over-discharging,and short circuit protection.

dc power backup system

Fields of application

24v dc ups

Suitable for the POE SENSOR,router,WIFI ,monitor, time recorder which for the enterprises,government,scientific research,traffic,national defense,information and education industries.


 dc ups

ECO Net series (DC to DC Power UPS)

Model #ECO 412ECO 418ECO 418 PROECO 430 PRO
Input voltage100-240Vac
Output voltage (optional)USB               2A          5V+USB            2A5V+USB            2A5V+USB            2A
9V/12V            1A 9V/12V            1A9V                1A9V                2A
15V/24V(POE)    0.5A15V/24V(POE)    0.5A12V               1A12V               2A
15V/24V(POE)    0.5A15V/24V(POE)      1A
Voltage selectChoosing through the slide switch 
Output power15W18W 18W 30W 
Transfer time0 ms
Battery type lithium battery lifepo4 battery 
QTY & capacity of battery 8800mah 7200mah 
Cycle life 300 cycles1000 cycles
Charging period Typical: 2-3 hours 
Unit dimension(mm)159*104*28
Net weight(Kg)0.4
Environment of performance Temperature 0~40, Humidity 20%~90%
Noise level Less than 40dB

Performance Characteristics
1. Wide range of input voltage
The UPS can offer normal and stable service voltage under its input voltage range. When the input voltage is out of its range the machine will switch to battery mode automatically to keep the output power in order to protect the equipment, such as computers, ensure they will not be damaged by the over high or over low voltage, users can continue the operation of equipment for a while or save the data on computers while the power network is abnormal.


2. Wide range of AVR(Automatic voltage regulation)
In the product's input voltage range and under 3 steps of intelligent AVR function, it can provide a stable output voltage.


3. Automatic self detection when UPS on(LED).
Before the UPS on, red, yellow, blue LED will light up two times by cycle turns, after self detection UPS switch to AC mode/battery mode or working mode. 


4. Silence function
In the "battery mode", shortly press the switch to turn off the buzzer. But the battery is about to run out or the load is too heavy, the buzzer sound cannot be muted.


5. Overload protection
In the battery mode, output voltage turn down correspondingly when it is overload, after the capacity of load is lower than the rated power then output voltage will back to rated value, it ensures the UPS will not shut down by abrupt overload which caused by surging current during the computer is working and other equipment is added.


6. Short circuit protection
When the mis-operation caused the load short circuit or computer failure (such as power tube breakdown of switch) cause short circuit, the UPS will shutdown automatically for protection.


7. The low current switch
This UPS adopts low current switch to extend the service life which is longer than conventional battery and high current switch in AC current path.


8. Automatic charging
There are two charging mode, charging time is faster than ordinary charging mode, higher efficiency, and greatly prolonging the service life of the battery.


9. With a bypass output
Independent bypass output socket for external printers or scanners of computer peripherals, with surge protection of the load.

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dc power backup system


24v dc ups

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dc power backup system

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24v dc ups


dc ups

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