Inverter Battery Maintenance Tips

2023-05-16 00:00

Going off grid have become one of the intelligent investments in the area where power outage happens frequently. Thus, the battery for energy storage is the core of the whole off-grid solar system. If you are looking for tried-and-tested inverter battery maintenance tips to keep your inverter battery for home in great conditions, keep reading.inverter battery

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Inverter Battery Maintenance Tips

Keep it Breezy

Batteries naturally heat up when dispensing power. So, it makes sense to install them where it's airy, as it'll provide natural ventilation for the heat to dissipate. When stored in a cramped space, you run the risk of battery overheating the battery.


And you don't want to do that, as the heat starts to break up the chemicals inside, leading to a reduction in the acid's potency, and ultimately reducing the lifespan of the inverter battery


Also, remember to keep the battery away from inflammable objects, as these can be hazardous, and can lead to risky accidents.


Keep the Rust Away

If your terminals get rusted, it can significantly limit the power output of your inverter, as it interferes with the current flow. In the end, it depreciates the performance, reduces the longevity, and affects your power backup.


However, there's a simple solution to combat rusting – a solution of hot water and baking soda. Mix up this solution, pour it on the terminals, use some petroleum jelly, and that's it. Your terminals will be shielded from corrosion for a long time.


Keep the Water Topped-Up

As you may or may not know, batteries run on acid, which runs out with continued use. However, you can replenish it by topping it up with water. In fact, many batteries come with maximum and minimum water level markings to help you fill it up optimally.


The thing to note: do not use regular tap water, as they contain impurities and other particles that can tank your battery life. It's best that you stick with distilled water for this task. This way, you'll ensure a long life for your inverter battery


Keep the Battery Surface Clean

Since the battery just sits inside the inverter, it's prone to collecting a lot of dust. So, once in a while, it's also important to clean the inverter with a cotton wipe to prevent the dust from clogging the terminals.


Don't Overload the Battery

To provide energy during an outage, the inverter uses the power stored in it. And the duration of the power delivered depends on the number and power requirements of the devices connected. So, it's important that you don't plug in too many energy-hungry devices to the battery, as you run the risk of overcharging it.

In Conclusion

Keep the solar battery in clean and good condition is the key to prolong the usage life. If you are wondering how to choose the suitable storage battery for your BESS system, contact us directly.

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